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What is your Chair Personality?

I’ve become more aware. I love taking advantage of the time gained from all my time spent driving and running errands.  Now, I’m finding myself planting, cooking, and cuddling up soft fabrics. When I go outside, the landscape is now in technicolor. I notice the birds, and appreciate the wind on my face. Ive started an herb garden, and actually am using  the herbs in my recipes. But, I’m really looking at my chair; the one at my computer that I sit on during zoom calls all day long.

My chair looks great. It’s a 60’s reupholstered high back chair. But, it’s not the right proportion. I now have a neck roll strapped onto this chair to help with neck strain. 

Why did I get this chair? Oh yes, because it’s my style. It looks swank and mod. 

My husband found a chair for his industrial modern man cave with a raw metal shell with rivets that looks like part of an airplane. But, it’s as hard as a rock. I got him an ergonomic seat cushion to help with the comfort. 

So, why do we choose these type of chairs? It’s not only because they coordinate with the room; but also they are an extension of our personalities. But, they also tell so much more. Unless you are just using any old chair, the chair you purchased for your computer at home can say a lot about who you are.

The great thing about chairs, is they can change how you feel about yourself. 

(My chair) 

For shows that I love the allure and romance of tailored, mod fashion and film from the 60’s. This was an exciting era, where product design seemed always like an extension of fashion and architecture the Mondrian period was a comeback everything was coordinated to prove all details were thought out. It was also a period when innovation and open space plans were happening at the same time as space exploration.

My husband’s chair

My husband was brought up with his grandfather teaching him how to fix cars. He loves tinkering and fixing things. He has childhood collections of old books and mementos. The chair has a leather seat that reminds him of an old worn old jacket in the “heyday” when cars and planes were an emerging industry. 

So, if you find yourself sitting in a chair for your computer that’s not comfortable, Ergonomic Trends article may help with understanding seating and posture.

If your looking for a new office chair, check out these sites for a proper ergonomic chair that help with posture: 


Cultural Chairs

Many chairs are designed with culture and history in mind. Take Jomo Tariku,  a modern furniture designer who’s work has been featured globally. He infuses his African heritage with modern designs. Jomo Tariku’s  Nyala chair was inspired by the Nyala antelope in Ethiopia. 


Fine artist, Cheryl Riley (who’s work has been in the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum amongst others)  poured cultural expression into her Dogon Chair 1,”

Cheryl said , “ The Dogon Chair I, 1997, with its exaggerated high back, is not intended to function so much as a chair, but more as a sculpture that can be sat on.  When one sits on the nailhead imbedded seat, the copper objects attached to its top rail, chime .  Its inspiration was a tribute to function and tradition embodied.  Elder males of tribes in Mali inherit the squat, short-back chair from their father.   Throughout their lives it is their constant companion.  They sit on, lean on when sitting on the ground and use it as a head rest for sleeping.   The chairs develop wonderful patinas from the fire ash, smoke, soil, body oil and sweat.  I paid homage with copper powder and hundreds of eschutcheon pins in the seat.  When girls reach the age of maturity and return from seclusion with female elders where they are taught the ways of a woman, their grandfathers’ chairs become part of ritual in a ceremonial circle ‘coming out’ dance.  Since creating the first chair which was exhibited multiple gallery and museum shows, I was commissioned by a Chicago collector in 2005 to create a second that is hung with Murano glass I purchased on a trip to Italy. “

Chairs that Nurture:

I had to add this part, because today more than ever, we’re reaching for something comfortable.  If you’re looking to feel moments of nurturing, a chair that can cuddle you is a good place to start. 

There are chairs that can cup your body, giving you the feeling of being nurtured and safe. 

There are many, but I think I’d like to really cuddle up into this Bolitas chair by Brazilian Designer duo Fernando and Humberto Campana (who’s works have been in multiple museums including Museum of Modern Art, New York) .

Bolotas Armchair (Brown), 2015 , Sheep’s wool and Ipê wood, Edition of 8

If you can’t get the Bolita chair, you can add soft fabrics and pillows to add to your favorite chair that can give you more comfort.  Also, here’s an article on setting up a home office .

The great thing about chairs, is they can give you insight about yourself if you look closely. Style, Materials, fabrics, culture, and your own history can give you clues on what you like and how you like to feel. 

Lastly, I study film and how it relates to the emotion behind design. Check out Tony Zhou’s video – in Praise of Chairs

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