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What I Learned from my Mom

I grew up figure skating as a child. Both my parents sacrificed their early mornings to get me to the ice rink for lessons. My mom worked at the ticket booth on weekends so that I could take free public ice skating sessions.

She developed a group of women through her church called, “Friends of Linda Allen” to help fund my skating.

Lesson:  It takes a village to raise a child.


My mother was a model in her early years and is still a very beautiful woman with a great sense of style. Elegance is a great description of her.

I cherish our relationship. She continues to teach me how to take care of my skin and shares great tips on the best facial products with me. She now has a passion for baking!


We spend priceless girl time pampering ourselves with facials and mani-pedis. I cherish our Mother-Daughter relationship.

I think I get my nostalgic edge from her because she taught me the importance of family and to appreciate family heirlooms. Her crystal vases and French Provincial style furniture are still high on her list of interior design preferences. She also loves birds and enjoys afternoon tea. Below are photos of her room in our home where I have incorporated the things that bring her joy in the design.

She began to instill in me an admiration for beautiful surroundings when she allowed me to select the window treatments and paint color for my bedroom. This was probably the inspiration for my interior design career.


Pictured below, she is instructing a baking class, wearing pearls!  Always a lady!

Lesson:  Allow who you are to shine in all you do

Thanks Mommy for influencing me to be the lady I am today.

And by the way, she is now mom to family and friends.