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How Bird-Inspired Design Can Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere

My late grandmother’s vintage birdcage holds a special spot right by the window in the guest room I designed for my mother, who loves birds. To celebrate her love of birds, possibly rooted in a past life, I added this heirloom as inspiration for the room’s design, connecting beauty, nature, and freedom. Complementing the birdcage, I painted the ceiling light blue, so that my mother wakes up to blue skies each day with a smile.


My Grandmothers birdcage
Linda Allen Designs - Bird Inspired Guest Room

The meaning of Birds:

Birds have long been symbols of diverse meanings across cultures and history. From messengers of souls to symbols of freedom, hope, and love, birds possess an undeniable ability to touch our hearts and souls. Their presence often evokes a sense of awe, as if they carry whispers of wisdom and secrets from worlds beyond our own. Birds remind us of our potential to soar. If we could defy gravity like birds, what would our lives be like? Their existence inspires us to dream high and remain open to the wonders of the universe. 

Below:A large bird hovered over me in Aitutakai,  Cook Islands right after my dad passed away (one of our previous trips together). My husband caught the photo. It just makes you wonder.

Birds in Design:

Integrating birds in design is more than an aesthetic choice. It connects us to nature, elevates our mood, and creates a touching narrative within our spaces. Bird-inspired decor, like vintage sculptures and vases, transforms our homes into sanctuaries, reminding us to pause and appreciate the beauty outside of our windows.


C Jere Brass Plated Bird Flock of Seagulls Wall Sculpture Signed Dated 1985
C Jere Brass Plated Bird Flock of Seagulls Wall Sculpture Signed Dated 1985


Below, Constantin Brancusi focused on bird flight movements which focused on the essence of a bird, rather than its physical attributes. This is one of the series called “Bird in Space” (1920-1940)

Bird in Space' by 'Constantin Brancusi' (1941)-Photo-Taigatrommelchen
Bird in Space' by 'Constantin Brancusi' (1941)-Photo-Taigatrommelchen

The iconic Bird Chair designed by Harry Bertoia is a great example of inspired bird design in a minimalist way. This mid-century modern masterpiece features the silhouette of a graceful bird. The Bird Chair serves as an elegant example of how the beauty and essence of birds can be translated into functional, eye-catching furniture pieces. 

Bird Chair - Harry Bertoia 1952
Bird Chair - Harry Bertoia 1952

I had fun incorporating the Moooi Perch wall sconce on a forest wallpaper by Trove. It’s easy for the observer to see the bird in context in an environment. 

Moooi Perch Light Wall by UMUT YAMAC, 2016
Moooi Perch Light Wall by UMUT YAMAC, 2016
Linda Allen Designs - Powder Room - Perch Sconce and Trove Wallpaper NYX 006
Linda Allen Designs - Powder Room - Perch Sconce and Trove Wallpaper NYX 006

How Bird-Inspired Elements Can enhance your Mental Well-Being and Promote Postive Emotions:


Bird-inspired design elements, when thoughtfully incorporated into our living spaces, have the power to positively impact our mental well-being in several ways.

Here are some “how-to” tips for incorporating Bird-Inspired Elements in your spaces.

Remember, it’s not just about placing birds in your surroundings, but it’s more meaningful to connect with what they represent that gives you the feeling you want to experience.


  1. Design a room around statement art

Selecting bird-inspired features such as a statement wallpaper, a vintage birdcage, or a unique piece of art will help you to pull design elements from those pieces.


  1. Pick a color palette:

 Look to nature for inspiration when selecting colors. Soft blues, greens, and neutrals can create a calming atmosphere reminiscent of the sky and trees, while vibrant shades can add a touch of playfulness, like the bright plumage of tropical birds.


  1. Mix textures and patterns:

 Bird feathers are nature’s way of playing with texture and pattern. Introduce feather accents, fabrics, patterns, and textures with accent pieces. 


  1. Bring in natural elements:

Enhance the bird theme by incorporating natural elements like wood, plants, and stones. This will create a harmonious connection between your design and nature.


  1. Embrace natural sunlight

Welcome sunlight into your space by keeping your windows unobstructed or using sheer curtains that allow light to filter through. Connect bird details with daylight and the sky outside. Note: Sunlight helps with depression and gives us hope with a warm, inviting atmosphere. 


By considering these tips, you can create environments that can help with mental well-being by:

Bird-inspired elements can contribute to a calming and peaceful space, which may help reduce stress and anxiety.

The symbolism of birds, such as freedom and hope, can serve as a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of life and personal happiness


The importance of natural elements and sunlight fosters a sense of connection with nature, which has been shown to improve mental health and overall happiness.

Designing a space with personal meaning and symbolic elements can enhance one’s sense of identity and self-expression.


Perhaps, by looking up and taking inspiration from these winged wonders, we can shift our perspectives and discover a world of possibilities beyond our four walls.