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Breaking the 4th Wall in Design

What do you think of when you need to mentally escape? As a designer, shapes, textures and colors  found in nature inspire me. Moving shadows in the sun inspires me.  But why? I did some research and stumbled upon “Biophillia”: A term that describes how we identify with forms from nature in design.

…and there’s a reason for that. We feel most comfortable in natural environments, because we are organically connected to this earth as human beings.

So, it makes sense to incorporate living elements in our design. To take this further, it makes sense to use materials and design elements that age or move; allowing us to see things just a little differently every once in awhile.

On an emotional side, these details are constant reminders from Mother Nature that keep us from feeling so rigid, and remind us that sometimes “going with the flow” is a healthier way of life than striving for “one state of mind” as the destination. Because if you look around, the only thing that’s “constant,” is “change”.

We naturally tend to exhale when we are around water, wood, plants, wind and sun. Moving elements like wind, chirping birds, sounds of water, and rustling leaves link us to the living. This is why it’s a nice touch to mix organic elements to machined products; we naturally “relate” more easily, and the product or environment feels more fluid and alive.

By noticing details in nature, we identify with Biophillia.  It is in those moments when we receive gifts of changing landscapes, sunrises and sunsets to admire. Nature constantly reveals inspiration for new palettes, shapes and textures that not only opens our perspective, but also gives us a comfort level of belonging to something bigger than us.



The Only thing that’s Constant, is Change.

Get queues from nature to “go with the flow”