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A Rare opportunity to Reset – A playful search for Beauty (during the Coronavirus pandemic)

Here we are …as I write this, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted much of everyday life, and has sent the world economy skidding into a huge recession to almost a complete halt. 

And while US citizens have returned from overseas waiting frustrating hours in the airports, there is a designer and photographer I know who decided to disconnect from the freak-out and chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. So, they extended their vacation on a resort Nay Palad, in the Philippines and used it as their private playground –  right up until they had to take the last plane back home to the States.

Photography –  Jill Sokolec

I normally don’t blog about this stuff. But, my friend’s perspective got me thinking;  Could this be a rare opportunity to reset?

We’ve been given the gift of time, whether we like it or not. What if we take this gift to find our sanity (the best we can) from appreciating the beauty in nature, and in each other. I mean keeping it basic; just looking at something and recognizing its’ beauty without trying to figure out what it means to us. 

I know this is simple, but simple works right now.  

Photography –  Jill Sokolec

If we pause for an extra moment, we allow ourselves to open up to recognize beauty for the sake of beauty. This open perspective props us up beyond “panic thinking” as victims; even just for that extra minute. These moments allow  to admire and acknowledge what is precious around us. 


Photography- Jock Bradley & Jill Sokolec

Uncertainty is scary. It really pushes us to think outside of our comfort zone. I compare this type of scary to being an artist where imagination can be frightening. Creating something new for acceptance and profit can seriously make you hold your breath and get lost in scary thoughts.

It’s also an uncertain feeling that takes new mind skills. I know –  I’ve felt this feeling before. You may have felt this feeling, too.

Photography –  Jill Sokolec

But, life is made up of moments, like this photo below that catches these plumerias just before they’ve been completely soaked in water.

Photography –  Jill Sokolec

Did you know that we can actually extend moments from savoring a feeling?  Putting small details around you from an inspiring photo can lighten up and savor an otherwise heavy moment.

Below – I enlarged a photo of the plumeria tree I used to see everyday outside of my kitchen window. I later moved. But, I still have the memory of this plumeria tree.  This photo is a large window into many fond moments that allows me to pause, and makes me smile.

Photography – Alex Vertikoff

Scented Candles can be powerful because “smell” is considered the most significant trigger to your memory compared to your other senses. So adding scents along with your photos can lure you into daydreaming.  I love this Plumeria scent from Home & Aura.

Plumeria Scented candle – Home & Aura

So, yes, this a rare opportunity to reset. I’m finding that focusing on something small in nature can help quiet our minds and help to inspire our next steps. 

Photography – Jill Sokolec

And thank you so much for all the images you texted me, my dear designer friend. I may not be able to smell the fragrance through your vivid live photos, but they give me a virtual experience  – confirming that design is best intertwined with nature. All these great moments you’ve collected and shared with me can now be cherished before and after you step back into the twilight zone pandemic.