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My Interior Design Projects:

Everyone has a backstory. My passion is to create design stories for my clients that focus on their personalities, backgrounds, and how they want to feel. So the projects you’ll see on my website are not trends. They are truly their personal design stories that transcend design trends. I love to help my clients connect to design decisions on a deeper level they may not have time for. That’s what I love to do.

Live Anywhere Wireless Lighting:

One of the reasons why I developed Live Anywhere wireless lighting was to inspire others to live beautifully in unexpected areas of their homes and in unlimited ways; while helping our environment by saving energy. The lamps only take 3 cents to charge, and the warm light lasts from 14-50 hours. These bespoke lamps compliment fine living furniture outdoors or indoors.  

My Blog: The Philosophy of Interior Design:

I also have a design blog that allows me to share my research on design philosophy. Because we’re moving so fast, it’s hard to make important design decisions that connect us emotionally. So, I’m sharing my research on the deeper meaning of design. 


Linda Allen