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Bespoke Interiors and designs that align scale, lighting, mood, vision, and personality.
Defining who we are, how we live, and the way we enjoy life

Interior Designs

Welcome to my world of interiors and design. I believe that living well is ultimately knowing what makes you smile and what makes you comfortable, inside and out. I help with that. Your spaces should reflect how you want to feel. My passion for design philosophy, lighting and storytelling allows my collaboration with clients to transcend trends and dig deeper into the heart of emotional design. These spaces are the essence of unique and diverse personalities that promote well lived lives.

Artisanal lampshades

Signature Lampshades that inspire


Live Anywhere

Bespoke Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Lighting

Lighting Defines

Shapes, shadows, transforms and creates a mood.

Linda's Story

Linda Allen specializes in personalizing environments, leveraging her diverse multi-disciplinary background in residential and commercial, interiors, theme park design, and lighting as well as product design to uniquely define each client's personal design narrative.

Defining who we are, how we live, and the way we enjoy life.