Whimsical Residence

This project is from one of my favorite clients who gave me dishes or wall art for inspiration, and encouraged me to form my designs from the art. So, I created an experience as though you walked into the artwork. She has an imagination like me; if you can dream it, it can be done.

So, the home was completed in phases. It was enchanting for so many reasons. It reminded me of a hotel experience where details were thought of from head to toe, completing a submersive experience.

The entry was inspired by Chinoiserie wallpaper. I found lamps with birds that complimented the birds in the wallpaper and lead you into the living/dining room.

The living room became a dining room with flexible lounge seating. We found a table that could sit up to 14-16 people; truly remarkable! …and crystal ship chandeliers that sail  through a Chinoiserie sea with hidden serpents painted by a talented graphic artist, Ken Moffit.  The niches were exposed from drapery made of wood panels. The challenge was to design a polished look with such a fantasy. So, i color blocked the fabrics, creating an aqua section on one side, and a tangerine area on the other. The photos don’t do this room justice. It’s truly an experience in person!

I had the opportunity to design a his and hers master bedroom. Her story was Parisian couture with a whimsical edge. Well, the whole house is whimsical.  But with this bedroom, I had a chance to create a custom canopy bed with bows and embroidery, along with my custom table lamps.

The cabinetry  and closet was inspired by French Art deco. It was so fun to etch Fabulous as a mantra in the dressing room mirror. The bathroom was vintage poodle pink with a custom color poodle lamp by Jamie Adler.

His story was more explorative; mixing an Art Nouveau inspired custom window, with colors that complimented the ship artwork and ship model.

The game room was inspired by an English pub; with a bar, pool table, and mirrors that were placed high on the wall to extend the height of the tall ceilings. I padded the walls with fabric to soften the echo of the high ceilings, and added uplight for in direct lighting and mood.

Such a great design experience that created a wonderful enchanting home!