Weaving Geology and Astronomy into Design

It was tricky to design a home sandwiched between others within the beautiful Red Rock, Nevada desert landscape. So, with design takeaways from my Disney background in set and lighting design, I decided to create an interior landscape with a personal story for my client. Geology and astronomy became intriguing concepts; especially with the clients’ love of organic woods and raw gemstones. So, I decided to connect the dots.

Throughout the home, there are sculptures with geodes intertwined in exotic woods, and artistic elements that create sensory cues to give a celestial “Awe” experience.  A wine room was created where I custom designed a circular rug fabricated by Kyle Bunting emphasizing circles; a shape to bridge a Universal thought;  we are all connected. Many elements in that room are concentric, including the wine wall handles I designed to enhance the experience.  Guest rooms are designed around landscape photography; a constant reminder that nature is always recreating itself, and that the only thing constant in life is change.