I’d like to introduce you to the “Morning ” room which I designed for the Pasadena showcase House.  This room was designed with a modern French Art Deco flair. However, I brought in designs and items from Louis XV (ceiling and Louis XVI settees) to Biedermeier (chairs);  from the Art Deco period (wall mirrors)  to vintage Midcentury (chandeliers) ; and then tied them into to modern times (fireplace screen and rug). Most furniture and lighting except for table and chairs I custom designed.

The circle study was to show the continuity of how circles are universal and how they can connect through time periods. The circle and arched mirrors paid homage to the Hall of Mirrors in a playful way that created many reflections and perspectives throughout the room.

The ceiling was designed and coordinated with my interiors by Ken Moffatt, an amazing graphic artist I give utmost gratitude and credit to. We made an amazing team!The settees I designed was inspired from a Louis XI design, and were created to premier my Live anywhere wireless lighting line.The chandeliers I designed were inspired by arcs from the Midcentury period, but reflected the candelabras from Louis XV.The fireplace screen I designed with with metal artist, Mike Boyer was made with mirror insets and captured the essence of the room.

I finished the space off with curved area rugs that defined a path, as well as a morning breakfast area on one side, and a lounge area on the other.

A design story of circles through time.