Magic Johnson’s offices are quite unique because I had to chance to create a corporate living rooms scaled to his height. Mr. Johnson gave me my break, by allowing me to start my own interior design company for the first time! I branched off from a project manager /designer from a commercial interior design firm in Los Angeles, and started Linda Allen Designs. I had an opportunity to design his first office, Magic Johnson Enterprises. Then, a few years later, I was brought back to design another space for his corporate office including the offices for his president at the time,  Eric Holoman and COO Kawanna Brown.

The challenge was to design furniture that an average height person  could be comfortable sitting in as well as a basketball legend. So, I added pneumatic lift hardware for tables, and used adjustable height high back chairs as part of a solution.  But, the sofa was deeper and a bit higher for Mr. johnson’s comfort level. In the first office, I got acquainted with many established Artists of many diversities . I’m so grateful for such a great opportunity!