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Dining/Lounge Aqua Side-www.Lindaallendesigns.com
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Aqua Built-in Lounge - www.Lindaallendesigns.com
Custom Trim Detail - www.Lindaallendesigns.com
Tangerine Built-in Niche - www.Lindaallendesigns.com
Ceiling with Sea theme for Boat Chandeliers to float - www.Lindaallendesigns.com
Dining Room / Fireplace - www.Lindaallendesigns.com

This is a very creative way to invite guests into a formal, yet whimsical setting allowing “Lounging around Dining”. The walls are encased in rich walnut, and there’s an enchantment that exports you into a world of exploration with crystal ships that float above the very long formal dining table. Your eyes are drawn up to the custom painted ceiling with tone on tone Japanese stylized waves. If you look closely, you will see serpents embedded within the artwork that whispers a gesture to Chinoiserie.

There are 3 different styles of chairs; thoughtfully scaled with similar leg carvings that are customized to work as a set with coordinating fabrics. The built-in lounges create a versatile Dining/Living Room appeal. The woodwork on both sides of the room imitates pulled back drapery that gives way to a romantic built-in cozy niche on one side, and a mirror over the fireplace on the other. The fireplace mirror echoes the crystal ship chandeliers prolonging the experience which is a “magic” nod to my former Disney background in Set and Lighting design; thus creating a very special room designed for my client.

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