It was a treat to see this year’s 43rd Kips Bay Showhouse in NYC. Photos were encouraged (tip to other Showcase Houses to help foster publicity). For each photo taken, a dollar donation goes to the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. So, I shall post lots of photos in this blog to help the kids!



2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-1- Kips Bay

The outside facade looked like any other brownstone. However, once I walked into the house and looked up into a 4 story spiral staircase partially exposing the design work of National reputable interior designers.

Below are a just a few of my favorite spaces and TREND SPOTTING photos!

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-2-Pavarini

Lounge: Midnight Manhattan / Design team: Pavarini DesignBelow: I loved this room called Midnight Manhattan designed by Pavarini Design; especially how the cabinetry spliced through the stone on the fireplace. Saturated Peacock Blues, purples, Hot pink accents, and champagne colors made this Entertainment room so sexy. “Don Draper” would have approved! #Pavarinidesign

TREND SPOTTING:Color Block lampshades with sculptural lamps and chunky wall art!

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-3-Mark Sikes

Dining Room: Up in the Villa / Design team:Mark D. SikesThe details in this dining room told a story of Southern hospitality. Even though I’m more of a modernist, this dining room just made me smile with the nostalgic small and large scaled gingham fabrics and cane chairs! I did happen to see Mark’s window he designed on the La Cienega Walk ( where he playfully displays Chinoiserie urns with analogous patterns in wall and floor treatments. I noticed the chinoiserie pattern play, Mark…way to go with the dining room, too! #MarkSikes

TREND SPOTTING:Updating Chinoiserie Urns with mixed complimentary patterns and analogous colorsBelow: #LCDQMarkSikes window display he designed during the La Cienega Walk beginning of May 2015 – Play with Chinoiserie patterns and colors.

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-4 - Clive Christian

Bathroom: Design team: Clive ChristianI really liked the elegance of the British Design team for Clive Christian; and amazing Bespoke Cabinetry custom design firm! Here’s a small example of their work with their cabinetry representative who share with me some of their details and marquetry inlay. #CliveChristian

TREND SPOTTING: Monograms in furniture that creates a “Personalized Signature” touch!

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-5 - Thom Felicia

Study: A Study in Style: Design: Thom FeliciaI really liked the soothing colors of rich textures and patterns in designer’s Thom Felicia’s study. This study space is meant to blur the line between work and play, but also to celebrate how the design community helps shape the lives of young people. I love how the teak sculpture, by Robert Greene, is called “Frenetic Composure” is placed in the corner of the room, as part of the “think” area. I love the placement of wall art with kid’s playing states the “play” area. #ThomFelicia

TREND SPOTTING: Using “Art to tell a story”.

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-6 - Peter Sinnott

Bathroom: Peter Sinnott IVI had the pleasure of meeting Peter Sinnott IV when I stepped into this En Suite bathroom. I loved everything about this room; the detachable window coverings, the fabric insets on the cabinetry, the tangerine monogram and painted molding accents, and the vertical shower sculpture that looked like it was dripping from the wall. #PeterSinott

MULTIPLE TREND SPOTTING: Orange painted pin-striping on the crown molding; Detachable window partitions; Sculptures that can be used in showers

Landing and Staircase: Paula+Martha I loved and appreciated this very “color courageous” bi-coastal firm of Paula+Martha. On the landing and upper deck, I really like the way they played with positive and negative space! As designers, most of us know how important space is to design on a whole. Therefore, I applaud Paula+Martha for creating design statements using bold color on empty walls with “small” art and creating a “not so serious” area in such an elegant way…It just worked! #Paula+Martha

MULTIPLE TREND SPOTTING: Coordinating wall graphics with a customized transparent window screen; Using vibrant primary colors walls as statements with small art…a homage to “Memphis” design from the late1980’s. hmmm…is this coming back?

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-14-Rottet

Roof Terrace: Toit-Terrasse / Design team: Rottet StudioAnother “not so serious” design; rooftop “Toit-Terrasse” by talented Lauren Rottet who is now worldwide (Rottet Studio).

As you ascend up your last stairwell steps towards the rooftop garden, you are greeted with a wall of mosaic butterflies and an “eager looking” great dame made of glass on rollers! A rooftop deck that makes you smile, day or night! I also liked the clever use of outdoor pots used as table bases! #RottetStudio

TREND SPOTTING: Using “Image” art outdoors (glass great dane on rollers); Using outdoor pots as bases for outdoor tables.

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-9 - McMillen

Guest Bedroom: Rio Room / Design team: McMillenI was surprised to learn this firm, McMillen, inc. has been around since the 1920″s! Once fully inside this room, I felt like I was inside a sophisticated, serene bedroom inside a tree house. Not to my surprise, it was Brazilian-inspired by Suzana Monacella at McMillen Inc. The headboard and pillows are reversible. #McMillen

TREND SPOTTING: Bold wallpaper in bookshelves as a primary statement in an otherwise neutral room

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-12 - greenerdesigns

Terrace / Design team:Greener by DesignWhen I walked onto this deck, the billowy drapes made me feel completely secluded and transported me from the NYC high rises surrounding this home to a place where I could “Exhale”. I instantly imagined myself soaking in the outdoor BainUltra Charism therapeutic bathtub with a glass of wine from the outdoor fridge, layered with my favorite Bossa Nova music lfrom the outdoor sound system equipped with a flat-screen TV. This room was just missing one thing; my luxury battery operated Outdoor table lamps #Liveanywhereinc. But still quite enchanting, I could hang out here anyway, day or night! Greener by Design is a family owned company specializing in urban landscape design in a “green” way. #GreenerbyDesign

MULTIPLE TREND SPOTTING: Outdoor complete bathrooms on rooftop decks or anywhere, for that matter! therapeutic bathtubs outside with wine refrigerators! Plant pockets that frame Outdoor mirrors!

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-11 - Alan Tanksley

Study: Pavlos’ Retreat/ Design team: Alan TanksleyAlan Tanksley designed this top floor study as homage to a close friend, Pavlos Papageorgiou, the husband of decorator Alexa Hampton. Full of textures and art pieces that give depth and story of the exotic and well traveled. Mural by Matt Austin. Alan is also known as an expert colorist, and has the talent to create “exiting and relaxing” at the same time. You can feel the energy with relaxed comfort in this room he designed. #AlanTanksley

TREND SPOTTING: Telling story with layers; Sculpture used as planters; Mural art that connects the NY city scape from window to window where there is a wall.

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-13 - christopherpeacock

Kitchen: The Lambourne Collection / Design team: Christopher PeacockThis beautifully designed kitchen is by the Lambourne Collection team for Christopher Peacock fine cabinetry This company designs luxury bespoke lifestyle cabinetry and products. The hardware has a brushed-brass finish, and the showstopper is the live-edge sealed slab countertop made of English wych elm from Grothouse Lumber that exposed a smooth marble countertop, which stopped me in my tracks! #ChristopherPeacock

MULTIPLE TREND SPOTTING: Juxtaposition of Organic wood and polished cabinetry; Use of polished and brushed finishes in the same room; Plaid tile oven backsplash.

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-12- Bennett Leifer

Lounge / Design team: Leifer BennettI loved the metallic Japanese-style wallpaper by de Gournay designer, Leifer Bennett used in this area off the kitchen along with the custom rock crystal light fixtures. The graphic peacock wallpaper is transposed to a sheer drapery fabric as window treatments. The furry bird stool follows the theme.

TREND SPOTTING: Gold Metallic wallpaper – a treatment to use with brass and gold accents; wallpaper graphics transposed to transparent window screens. I saw this treatment more than once…definitely something to look for.

2015 kipps Bay Showhouse Blog-8-Stair Landing designers

Landing: Phillip Mitchell

Designers Peter Sinnott Iv, Mark / Phillip Mitchell and Jon Randall who I enjoyed meeting and graciously posed for my photo.This landing is designed by Canada based design firm, Phillip Mitchell who designs lifestyles that enhances personalities for their clients. #PhillipMitchell

TREND SPOTTING: A collaboration of Framed art enhancing nostalgia and personality.

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